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By Debra F. -

“AMAZING – in just a few weeks’ time, I am gaining flexibility and walking with no limp. Thank you!!”

By Sheila M. -

“The staff is fantastic!  Much improvement in my pain levels and working with me to get me as good as I can be!”

By Joyce E. -

“The physical therapy has been very helpful in getting my shoulder back to normal.  The staff is very knowledgeable.”

By Gerry M. -

“I was impressed when Dr. Traudt took x-rays to help with my diagnosis before treating me. Excellent service from the staff and doctors here”

By Joanne F. -

“The receptionists here greet everyone and make you feel welcome. They also make it easy to schedule or reschedule when needed.”

By Julie F. -

“To date I am moving around much better and I am able to climb stairs without holding on to the handrail. I still have a way to go but Dr. Kahn’s adjustments are speeding up the healing process.”

By Dave L. -

“God Bless these people.  I cannot tell you the help they have given me. VERY caring and successful with their treatment.  An excellent office with very pleasant staff.”

By Sabrina K. -

“I had abnormally tight muscles in my neck and was losing my normal curve.  With chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, I am 99% better without needing meds!”

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