Summertime has arrived! The kids are out of school and thrilled to have a break from their everyday routine. As parents, this is an exciting time, too — this could mean family vacations, more time together throughout the week or weekends, and maybe a more relaxed schedule overall since there are fewer school commitments. 

However, we also understand parents may feel a bit of pressure to come up with activities that keep their children active and moving all summer, rather than staying idle and scrolling through social media or playing video games. 

The team at Albany Chiropractic & Physical Therapy compiled a list of our 10 favorite family-friendly outdoor activities that will keep your children moving and entertained this summer:

Going for a Walk (a classic). 

This one may seem like an obvious choice, but how often do you really set aside an hour a day to take in your surroundings and move your body? Probably not often! Walk as a family or have your children go on their own walks each day, which is an ideal option if you’re working and they don’t require supervision. Try incorporating games like “I spy” into your walks to keep your kiddos entertained. Do you have older kids? Some trails have scavenger hunts you can download and print. See if you can find plants and animals common to that trail and make a game of it.

Have a Dance Party! 

Let’s be honest, most kids (and parents alike) love to dance. Kids usually haven’t reached the age yet where they care how cool they look dancing, so embrace this age! Throw on your kids’ favorite songs and have a dance party together. You could even go the extra mile and choreograph a dance routine together! 

Host a Scavenger Hunt. 

When was the last time you planned a fun scavenger hunt with the family? Kids love scavenger hunts and are a great way to get kids moving while also exercising their minds.

Obstacle Courses at Local Parks. 

Take the kiddos to the local park and map out an obstacle course. You could even try implementing some healthy competition by using timers and announcing a small prize for the winner. This activity is great to repeat weekly and build onto your obstacle courses.

Outdoor Water Play. 

Summertime means hot, sunny weather! What better way to break up the heat than with some outdoor water play? Bust out the water guns, sprinklers, water hoses, baby pools, slip and slides, and have fun getting wet.

Water Balloon Toss. 

Kids love water balloons and this activity is another great way for kids to stay cool. You can incorporate team-building skills and have the kids help each other fill up their balloons.

Hide & Seek (another classic). 

This game never goes out of style — it’s a tried and true classic. Do you want to add a little flare to hide and seek? Make the ‘home base’ a baby pool or use water guns throughout the game to give it a summer spin!


There are several hiking trails around the Capital Region that your family can explore, so why not start this summer? Taking the kids out for a nice nature hike and picnic is a great way to burn energy and spend some quality family time together! You could even pack some tents and turn it into a camping weekend filled with other activities the kids will love.

Kids Character Charades. 

Your kids have favorite books, movies, TV shows, and more but rather than them telling you about these favorites, have them show you through a game of charades! This game is great for a laugh and to learn more about what your children are interested in.

Practice Yoga Together. 

For the most part, kids love to do what their parents do. So if you’re practicing yoga at home, include the kiddos in your next session. You can practice basic moves together in the backyard or even do guided yoga sessions on YouTube.

We’re willing to bet you already have some favorites picked out on this list, so get the family together and start trying out these fun summer activities!