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3 Dangers of Your Desk Job (and What You Can Do About It)

86% of people working in America spend up to eight hours sitting down in the office.

Most likely, you are sitting down as you read this. Most likely, you have been sitting for a number of hours today. Modern technology is not helping. You no longer have to walk and get something; everything is just a single click away. This is a dangerous trend, as there are many health risks associated with sitting more than you move.

These health risks include:

Computer Blue Light & Bacteria

Staring at a computer screen for hours can harm your eyes. You can experience migraines and headaches due to the unnatural screen light. Consider applying an eye protecting screen cover, such as Reticare, on your devices.
Furthermore, the keyboards and the mouse are perfect grounds for bacteria to breed. According to microbiologists, the keyboard can have more bacteria than the bathroom. Keep your keyboard clean by wiping it down with disinfectant regularly.

Aches & Pains From Prolonged Sitting

Sitting down for long hours feels harmless, but after some time you start experiencing pains and aches. Excessive sitting can cause you to develop poor posture, reduced blood circulation, and weight gain, even if you work out regularly. Try changing your position every few minutes and get up and move around at least once or twice per hour.

Lack of Proper Sunlight

Staying indoors can mess with your internal clock, leading to lack of sleep and proper concentration. According to a study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, employees who did not get natural light slept 46 minutes less every night compared to their peers who had access to the sunlight. Try heading outside on your lunch break to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Working in an office can be inevitable depending on your career. Fortunately, you can seek creative but simple solutions to remain healthy while in the office and you can search for ways to get active outside of the office to reduce and reverse some of the dangers of this traditional office setting.

Perhaps it’s time to start a company softball team?

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