Workers Compensation Physical Therapy in Albany, NY & Surrounding Areas

If you’ve been injured via a work-related cause and are receiving accident insurance from your employer, your physical therapy is also covered. To receive treatment your doctor must authorize and order that you receive physical therapy for your work-related injury, which was most likely received immediately after the injury. Once our office receives approval from your insurance company, we can begin scheduling your physical therapy appointments.

The talented physical therapists at Albany Chiropractic & Physical Therapy provide expert rehabilitation services to help remedy all your work-related injuries. After performing a comprehensive exam to help us better understand your condition, we’ll begin devising a strategy that will improve your mobility and reduce pain. After the evaluation, a physical therapist will be assigned to you. Our physical therapists provide an array of services to properly assist in your rehabilitation process. These can include anything from stretching and strengthening exercises to electric stimulation and ultrasounds.

Some examples of workers compensation cases that we’ve dealt with include falls, contact with equipment, and transportation incidents. Our physical therapists have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure you’re receiving specialized care that will help your injury.

A few of the benefits our workers compensation physical therapy offers include:

  • Improved Balance

  • Improved Mobility

  • Reduction of Pain

  • During your initial visit, we will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the root cause of your pain. This examination will also enable us to determine what type of treatment would be best for you.

    Our physical therapists will help you get back on your feet and working in no time. We will also help you prevent the risk of future injuries and will work to promote long-term health. In addition to your scheduled sessions, we’ll provide you with at-home exercise plans so you can continue monitoring your injury. For all your workers compensation physical therapy needs, contact us today!